Goods move with us, for over 90 years.

"The goods move with us" and "Satisfying the customer is our satisfaction."

The slogans that characterize a company with 90 years of history.

GIDD Srl Gruppo Italia Distribuzione Depositi was founded in 1980 in Agrate Brianza as an evolution of the Gautier Express Courier, founded in 1934 by Ubaldo Gautier and carried on by his son Walter. Today, the company is managed by the sole director Umberto Gautier, supported by his two sons Cristiano and Alberto. Its warehouses cover an area of 210,000 square meters.

From the Agrate headquarters, the various regional correspondents are reached daily using company-owned vehicles equipped with satellite alarm systems. GIDD has created a sophisticated software network that connects correspondents and distributors and enables the exchange of data, as well as monitoring the route of entrusted shipments.

The distribution times are 24 hours if the goods are delivered in the main cities, 48 hours in the provinces, and 72 hours in remote locations. Upon customer request, there is a service for appointment-based delivery coordinated by telephone operators. For over 90 years, we have been moving items with the same values and history passed down through generations.

Customer service focus

Upon customer request, a scheduled delivery service is available and coordinated by telephone operators.

The clientele consists of important Italian and foreign companies. GIDD supports the entire management chain of Integrated Logistics through Warehouse Operations Management: sorting systems for incoming goods at the warehouse, quality control of goods and inventory management, picking and packaging area management, stock monitoring, with the possibility of providing any type of information.

A company that looks to the future

Gidd's strategic evolution focuses on S.M.E.s

Gidd, an Italian logistics company, was founded in 1934 for the collection and distribution of goods. Today, it specializes in national logistics and distribution for various sectors.

Its warehouses, measuring 90,000 square meters, are fully computerized and managed using radio frequencies, making it a leading-edge logistics structure in Italy. Gidd’s founder’s son, Walter Gautier, explains that his father distributed textiles, high-end clothing, and jewelry to Italian jewelers, including Florentine goldsmiths.

Today, Gidd is equipped with the most advanced processes that can be monitored and controlled by its customers.

The company offers complete logistics services for the final processing of products, including assembly, labeling, quality control, and automatic packaging.

Gidd caters to medium-high product clients with an accurate choice of collaborators’ procedures.

Umberto Gautier, Walter’s son and the current CEO of Gidd, explains that Gidd’s client base is stable, including Italian companies partnering with foreign companies entering the Italian market.

In many cases, they have clients who have been with them for over thirty years, following them throughout their evolution: companies in watches, fashion, precision instruments, hi-fi, appliances, and more.
Since 1985, they’ve been a partner to the Italian branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV. Initially, for the Japanese multinational, they handled logistics for audio, video, and telephony. Today, they handle the entire logistics and distribution of air conditioning units, photovoltaic panels, and other items such as printers and projectors. Maintaining a profitable business, Gidd – with 35 direct employees and around 40 external collaborators – has grown by roughly 15% in the last three years and, for 2010, predicts a turnover of around 13 million Euros.

In recent years, due to their reliability and market results, Gidd has received numerous buyout offers from large companies, investment funds, and even foreign public institutions, which they have always refused to maintain full control over the company. Umberto Gautier fully shares his father’s policy and looks positively to the future. They have never lost a customer due to incapacity or dissatisfaction, and their goal is to continue growing “with new medium-sized companies, to use all the potential of the structure without major structural changes.” Doc distribution and advanced logistics. Gidd’s strategic evolution is focused on SMEs.

Walter Gautier

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