About Us

Innovation and tradition

Goods moves with us since eighty years.
G.I.D.D. srl Gruppo Italia Distribuzione Depositi was born in 1980 in Agrate Brianza as evolution of Gautier Corriere Espresso, a transport company established in 1934 by Urbano Gautier end currently managed by Walter and Umberto Gautier.

Experience and skill make G.I.D.D. a trusting partner able to supply qualified and confident services.

Thanks to the continuous technological updating G.I.D.D. can offer leading services as for operation software and its interaction with the staff.

“Our power is our Staff”

G.I.D.D.’s staff is directly in contact with the customers and able to help them to solve every kind of problem.
Each customer is assisted by an operator to whom he can apply for any information concerning deliveries or services.