GIDD Srl Gruppo Italia Distribuzione depositi

GIDD Srl Gruppo Italia Distribuzione depositi
GIDD Srl Gruppo Italia Distribuzione depositi

“Goods move with us” and “Satisfying the customer is our own satisfaction” are the slogans that characterize a company with 80 years of history .

GIDD Srl Group Italy Distribution Deposits was founded in 1980 in Agrate Brianza from the evolution of Gautier Espresso Corriere, established in 1934 by Ubaldo Gautier. Today, the company is managed by the sole Administrator Walter Gautier, son of the founder, and his son Umberto, the Managing Director.

Its warehouses cover an area of 60,000 square meters, all equipped with the most modern management and handling equipment and are safely secured by a 24 hour surveillance service.
With a fleet of owned vehicles, all equipped with satellite alarm systems, the headquarters in Agrate are accessed daily by all the various regional correspondents. GIDD has created a sophisticated software network which connects correspondents and distributors, allowing data interchange as well as tracking the route of entrusted shipments.

Goods are delivered within 24 hours if to the capitals, 48 hours to the provinces and 72 hours to the disadvantaged locations. Upon request of the customers, a delivery service by appointment co-ordinated by telephone operators is available. All product categories are transported without any restrictions: Consumer electronics, Hi-Fi and video, high-value Hi-Tech components, air conditioners and spare parts, clocks, accessories, fabrics, footwear and high fashion clothing.

The clientele consists of both Italian and foreign companies of primary importance.

GIDD supports the entire supply chain of Integrated Logistics through the operational management of its warehouses: goods sorting systems for the warehouse, quality control and inventory management of the warehouse, picking and packaging management, stock monitoring with the possibility to provide information on: goods availability, dispatched items and inventory quantities.

Order preparation and packaging: order reception by e-mail or fax, printing of delivery notes and addresses, picking systems with terminals for the pick-up of items, packing and packaging, labeling, shrink wrapping and strapping.